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Quality Control

Before you can address the challenges that you face in the day to day operation of your OST programming. You must first identify that problem and your pre-existing resources to design the appropriate response.
In my role as Senior Grant Manager for NYC It was my responsibility to support Grant Managers who managed over $20 million dollars in after school funding distributed throughout the five boroughs. Accountability was crucial, but developing"quality" programs was our top priority.

During that time I also served on the advisory board for the New York State After School Network assessment tool. We spent countless hours reviewing and developing standards for what can universally be considered a quality after school program. During that period I learned that quality just doesn’t happen. It has to be an intentional goal.

While employed as a Project Coordinator for the Los Angeles County Office of Education Afterschool unit, I spent much of my time conducting site visits. I coached educators on how they could address some of the problems that we identified.

Because of those experiences and countless others, I know how to figure out what the problem is, help you to develop a plan to attack that problem, and coach you and your team every step of the way.

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Quality Control: Skills
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